Not Enough for Queen Fluff

Rachel Lyon

Maverick Arts Publishing

May 2016

For fancy Queen Fluff, a trip to see the bunnies in the Kingdom seems like a good idea.  But will they meet her lavish demands for a ten course feast or serve up a slice of humble pie instead?

Superb rhyme and stunning illustrations – sure to be a bedtime favourite!


The rhyming text from Rachel Lyon rolls off the tongue, and is filled with so many funnies there will be sure to be plenty of giggles! (“There were toads on the table and fleas at my feet and for dinner they offered me bug broth to eat!”) The rhyme is mixed with incredibly hilarious illustrations from Catalina Echeverri, One of Dolly’s favourite parts, both read and drawn is, of course, the rat wearing only his underpants (so, for the record, pandering to the audience really worked! haha!) This book is sure to be a real crowd pleaser in your burrow too!

– Diapers and Daydreams

The fun writing in Not Enough For Queen Fluff, combined with the gorgeously detailed illustrations by Catalina Echeverri, make this a real jewel of a picture book, to be read many times over. Be sure to look out for the cheeky frog on the final spread — it always makes us smile!

– Kerry Trickett, The Book Corner