Milos Dog Says Moo

Bloomsbury UK

July 2015

It’s Milo’s birthday, and – guess what? He’s allowed his very own dog!

But the ‘dog’ Milo chooses is much larger than a dog should be. He also doesn’t like bones, or chasing cats and – get this – he doesn’t bark. Instead, he says MOO!

Warmhearted and original, Milo’s Dog Says MOO! is the perfect feel-good picture book. And proof that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


This book is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Two initially sceptical children were won over by this book with just one reading – Emily heard it and headed in from another room to be involved which is a first. Matthew loved the illustrations which enhanced the seemingly simple story about a boy called Milo who is about to get a pet dog (or maybe a cow?) and asks for it most nights at bedtime. I’m not sure what the magic ingredient is but there is certainly one…

Family Books Reviews, The Guardian


Paperback, Hardback


English, German, Korean