Lion and Mouse

Penguin Random House UK

April 2013

Lion and Mouse are friends – but as everyone knows, Lion is bigger, stronger and more handsome! Not even Lion is perfect though, and when he comes face-to-face with his biggest fear, he realises he needs his small friend more than he thought.


This is Echeverri’s first book and her illustrative style is dynamic and stylised with line drawings, strong colours and a range of fonts to enhance the story. Mouse, erasing the dark to rescue Lion, is particularly well done. It would be interesting to see what small children being read to make of Mouse’s thoughts – the book could be a useful tool for talking about using words in a considerate way.

– Annalise Taylor Carousel

I love that children will get so much more out of this book than the surface story. They are innately visual and will subconsciously take in all the background colour work. They will understand the use of size difference and how it relates to character and they will soak up so much more than the heartwarming message of friendship.

– Rhino Reads




English, Simple Chinese