Albys Amazing Book

Based on original text by Mary Elizabeth Blume

The Good Book Company

Alby is a squirrel who just loves to read. Stories take him on amazing adventures to far away lands… But his favourite stories are all in one very special book. Join Alby to discover why his loves his amazing book so much and what makes it so special.

A beautifully presented hardback storybook, exciting children to have adventures reading the Bible!

Beautiful illustrations by Catalina Echeverri and a storyline that is full of fun and adventure whilst also showing children how exciting the Bible really is.


Why is the Bible ‘the best book to read’? Through the endearing character of Alby the squirrel, young children can be introduced to the concept of a book which outstrips every other in its excitement, depth, power and authorship. Deceptively simple, capturing profound truth.

– Ann Benton, Author and Speaker

Alby’s Amazing Book is a wonderful means of helping little ones glimpse the richness of Scripture. It grabs the imagination, tells a good story and points the reader to the love of God. One to be kept in children’s easy reach!

– Susie Bentley-Taylor, Author