A Scarf and a Half

Amanda Brandon

Maverick Arts Publishing

September 2014

Little Lionel is disappointed when Granny Mutton gives him an overly long scarf for his birthday, when what he actually wanted was a football! But his friends show him how the scarf is the perfect gift for a little lamb wanting some fun.


Chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge 2015


This book has a lovely message about how to appreciate the gifts you are given, and making the best of any situation. It teaches children to appreciate not only gifts, but the importance of family and friends, making it a very happy book to read as a family. It mixes humour nicely with its message and is written in a way which makes it a very satisfying read. There are plenty of touches which help this, not only the humour, but also moments like Clickety click…Flicked needles… which utilise sounds within the text, making it a punchy, noisy book to read.

– The Book Bag




English, Korean