A Box of Socks

Amanda Brandon

Maverick Arts Publishing

May 2015

Granny Mutton loves to knit and so she has made a whole box of socks for Little Lionel’s friends.

But Little Lionel gets all the socks muddled and has to find out which pairs belong to whom!

The second ‘Granny Mutton Yarn’ featuring the little lamb, Lionel and his knitting Granny!


Part of the enjoyment of this amusing tale is in the anticipation of the sock mix-up and the story is a fantastic starting point for an early years game of sock sorting/matching. (You will need a few pairs of funky socks to play and there are several possibilities for activities, some open-ended, others less so.)

First though, share this super-socky story with your class or group and let them relish the antics portrayed in Catalina Echeverri’s wild and woolly artwork.

– Jill Bennet, The Red Reading Hub




English, Korean